Lighting Tips

This article focuses on a number of lighting tips, about seven of them that you can use to help you make your house look more beautiful and attractive.

Location, Location, Location

For two different reasons, the location of your light fixtures matters. Firstly, and most apparently, the fittings need to be placed in places the light is required.

But, important it is as well that the fixtures are situated carefully in relation to one another as well as in relation to the windows, beams, ceilings, doors, walls, etc.

Anytime we come into some space, and specifically any time we come into a place for the very first instance, our brains, attempt to make sense, subconsciously, of everything that our eyes can see.

While we may consciously be taking into account the texture and colour of the items in the area, there is as well a subliminal process whereby our brains attempt to make connections between the items by estimating, amid other properties, their dimensions, and relative locations.

It is crucial then that any time you think of where to put your light fixtures, you must pay attention specifically to the relative locations and the proportions of the fixtures both with one another and with the other items in the room or space such as beds, doors, pictures, beams, etc.

Almost instantly, you will detect it if one among the pictures in a room is not quite straight any time you come into the room, and even if just slightly it will disturb you. You might even have the itch to have it straightened.

Similarly, you will detect when recessed ceiling illuminations do not align in an apparent way, or any time a pendant is not situated at the centre point of the ceiling. When everything is thoughtfully and carefully positioned, your subconscious will like a cat that is contented purr!

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